The Last Train to Yokosuka

Adobe Spark (6)

The Last train to Yokosuka

Pilot Chapter

By: Kemal Fusilero

The clack and clang of the train car echoed through the headphones despite on full volume. The last train back to the flat was crowded than usual. The snow was getting heavier and the cold was creeping. Droves of Highschoolers cramped the doorways, out late from school probably on their Bunkasai, chatting silently on close knit groups. Businessmen sat passively in the seat thinking of the next trading day, This was the usual crowd on the train back to the apartment block.

The train ride was always uneventful, from the morning trip to University and the last trip home. Alone, despite being drowned in the crowd of fellow commuters. On some days, a tourist would ask direction, on other days a small bow to acknowledge a passing friend. Everyday was routine, Everyday the same spot looking out the same window as station after station pass by. On my own little bubble as fellow passengers disembark on their stations , to be replaced by new people going in the train.

I checked the time on watch, the indiglo light reflecting on the train window, it was beyond midnight, another new day. I fumbled on my phone, the screen was blank, it’s dead again, I should probably buy a power bank soon, my phone’s battery barely lasts a day now. The Apartment block was still four trains stops away.

The train was almost empty as the train stations pass, the crowd of highschoolers were thinning as more and more of their classmates reach their train stations. I wonder what Okaa-san would say if I went home this late, and these kids were lucky that trains run at such close intervals. I blankly stare out the window to pass time as the Train made a stop at a line interchange, Kamakura station, passengers from another train, the Tokaido rapid service line was switching trains to the Yokosuka line and the stop was much longer than usual, as the heavy snowfall delayed the train.

I had been in this train stop everyday since I moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo for University, and Im used to the city rush, people were already rushing to catch the last trains heading home.

It was then the that she caught my eye, I could easily pick her out of the rushing crowd, She was always there, almost everyday, as if waiting. Something inside me always tells me that I know her, some part of my memory recognized her but she was too far away for me to see her face and now in the cold of winter I can barely see the features of her face, but I knew it was her.

The Train was at the station’s platform 5 minutes more than usual now and the stations intercom was already informing apologies for the delay due to the snow. I glanced at my watch again, almost 1 am.

The crowd has already settled as the passengers have boarded their respective trains and i tried to scan for the mysterious girl and she was no longer there. Maybe she was waiting for someone I thought. I shifted my gaze to the schedule boards and there she was, closer than ever just outside the glass window, speaking to a conductor with her scarf off, with her beautiful face in full display.

It was without a doubt it was her, I knew it was her. I rushed for the trains exit but I was too late. The Door had closed and the Train was speeding away.

-Author’s Note-

Thanks for reading.

Chapter 2: The last Train to Yokosuka: Chapter 2

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